The city will pick up limbs on the first and third Friday’s of the month.  For limb pickup please call city hall at 812-385-4428 to schedule your pick up.  Limbs longer than 6 feet in length must be cut into smaller pieces.

Snow Removal

The City Plows can’t be everywhere at the same time so when snow is falling it is very important to keep Emergency routes open and passable.  These emergency routes are:

Third and Fifth Ave. from the hospital to Broadway.

Brumfield Ave., the Brumfield overpass, Main St. and the South Main overpass.

Next is Spring Street from Broadway to Main St. Continuing east on Mulberry to the South end of town.

As the City crews plow snow off streets it is IMPOSSIBLE to not plow snow into driveway entrances.  It is not feasible to lift the plow at every driveway.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

The State of Indiana (INDOT) is responsible for plowing Highway 41, Highway 65 and Highway 64.