Plan Commission

Building Commissioner, Clinton Smith
Princeton Municipal Building
310 West State St.
Princeton, IN  47670


Plan Commission meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:00pm


Permits Required for:

Any Construction, Demolition, and Signs in the City of Princeton and within a two mile radius
of the City Limits

Residential Fees:
Storage Buildings & Carports       $10.00
Unattached Garage                          $10.00 + .05cents per Sq. Ft.
Houses                                                  $50.00 + .05 cents per Sq. Ft. of living space
Setbacks are according to Zoning Ordinances
Copy of Site Plans must accompany Building Permit

Commercial Fees:
$100.00 plus .05 cents per Sq. Ft. Maximum Fee is $1000.00
Each Permit must have a Commercial Building Permit issued by the City accompanied by a State Construction Design release issued by the State plus a Site Plan.

To install a sign you must have a Sign Permit
Fees are according to Size
Must meet setbacks according to City Ordinances

Demolition Permits
Required for all buildings, house, garages, etc..

See building commission for information on:
Conditional Use