Mayor’s Office

Mayor Brad Schmitt



“Being Mayor for the City of Princeton is an honor that I cherish and I can’t wait to see what we, as a community, can accomplish!”       -Mayor Brad Schmitt


Mayor Brad Schmitt’s passion for the City of Princeton stems from years of wonderful childhood fun in the same parks and streets that he is now governing over. Mayor Schmitt was born on October 17, 1976 to Donald and Elizabeth Schmitt. They were very excited and proud of their newborn son. The very same thing can be said on November 4th, the day he was elected to be Mayor of Princeton. His family surrounded him with hugs and cheers. Head up North to Massachusetts and you will find his sister, Angie Schmitt Flannery.  His sister, Kim Schmitt Sims, resides in Nashville, TN. Mayor Schmitt has one brother, Aaron Schmitt, who calls Indianapolis, IN home. Aimee Schmitt Smith, his youngest sister, keeps a close eye on him from Haubstadt, IN.

Every decision Mayor Schmitt makes regarding the well-being of the City has three main factors that go into play. Those factors are his ultimate pride and joy, his three kids. Having kids that are still young, Mayor Schmitt has all the more reason to create an environment that encourages a bright future for our city.

Mayor Schmitt attended St. Joe Elementary and graduated from Princeton Community High School in 1994. Growing up, his love for sports included playing anything that involved a ball. His passion for sports stayed with him in college. He was the Head Manager for the USI Men’s Basketball Team when they won the 1995 Men’s NCAA Division II Championship and he was the Assistant Coach for the USI Women’s Volleyball Team his last 2 years. Mayor Schmitt knew what was needed to fulfill his dreams and received his degree in Public Relations with a minor in Intrapersonal/ Organizational Communications.

Mayor Schmitt has had several jobs over the years but the one that he prides himself on the most is taking over the family business, Don Schmitt and Son Heating and Cooling, Inc. He worked side by side with his father since he was a young boy. Mayor Schmitt’s father taught him the value of a strong work ethic, the importance of honesty and integrity as well as how to treat others. These are all qualities that won him the seat as Mayor of Princeton.

Before his days as Mayor, he gave back to the community in as many ways as possible. He has been on the Gibson General Health Foundation, St. Joe Finance Committee, Gibson County Leadership, Princeton Fire Territory Board, and Knights of Columbus. Never losing his love of sports, he has coached many of his kids’ sports in addition to Princeton’s 5th grade boys’ basketball.

The sky is the limit for Mayor Brad Schmitt. His goal is to build and maintain a city for families. Princeton must be a place for families to gather, make memories, and encourage future growth personally and professionally. His goal is to create places and events where lifelong friendships are born and maintained. It’s about caring for the people in the community and making them the reason behind every decision. There is nothing more important to Mayor Schmitt than the people that live in the City of Princeton.